About B2B-Center Marketplace

The Center of Electronic Trade B2B-Center is the leading electronic marketplace in Russia for carrying out purchases and sales in the business-to-business (b2b) segment.
The Marketplace was created in 2002 by the Company Economy Development Center, AO. B2B-Center provides services for more than 240 thousand companies. The customers get broad opportunities for the organization of e-bidding in accordance with corporate standards and characteristics of the purchased goods or services. The Marketplace allows companies to hold procurements of all main types: competitions, tenders, auctions, requests for quotations and proposals, competitive negotiations, using the plenty of additional options: multi-lot procedure, prequalification of bidders, rebidding, itemization, multicriteriality and others.
Work on B2B-Center allows suppliers to expand the sales market and get access to the procurements of the major Russian companies. New tenders are constantly announced - daily more than 3500 procedures on various subjects: power industry, petrochemistry, metallurgy, automotive industry and others are carried out. Legal significance of actions on the Marketplace is provided by electronic signature - the use of which is mandatory for the members. B2B-Center has been constantly confirming its status of a pioneer in the electronic trade market, offering new additional services, which make the work on the Marketplace really easy.