Тендеры: изделия квантовой электроники

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Product of quantum electronics

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Request for Proposals № 891298
frequency converters
for more details, see. technical documentation.
"ABI PRODAKT" ZAO 18.09.2017 17:24
26.09.2017 18:00
Request for quotations № 891249
enhance Supply frequency converters (C) range (BUC) 50W P1dB (MMP)
parties purchase may only be small and medium-sized enterprises
AO «Vostoktelekom» 18.09.2017 16:24
28.09.2017 03:45
Request for quotations № 888049
the right to conclude a contract for the supply of lamp-magnifiers
Lot No.1
"PSZ" FGUP 12.09.2017 09:20
26.09.2017 08:00