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Delivery of the cargo – fastening in a set with a washer on a route: Warehouse of the supplier in Kemerovo-railway art. Nakhodka-East

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Delivery of the cargo – fastening in a set with a washer on a route: Warehouse of the supplier in Kemerovo-railway art. Nakhodka-East

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Quantity:13 контейнеров
Total value:Price not specified
Contract award criteria:including VAT (show both prices)
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Bid submission deadline:07.06.2019 11:00
Latest editing:31.05.2019 16:38
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Per-item bid submission:Not applicable. Proposal shall cover the entire lot.
Restriction on submission of a bid higher than previously submitted
Bidding initiator has set a restriction on submission of a bid with a price which is higher than the price of the previous bid submitted by the bidder. Once the bid is submitted, the stated price can not be increased.
Upload of bid-related documents required
Bidding initiator will not consider the bids with no documentation attached.
If within the last 30 minutes of the bid submission period a bid is submitted by one of the bidders, then the bid submission deadline for this call for bids will automatically be extended by 30 minutes from submission of the last bid.
30 minutes
Payment terms:Specify in the KP
Delivery terms:Date of receipt of cargo: June 2019, by notifying the supplier of the shipment

Approximate number of rolling stock:
Warehouse of the supplier in Kemerovo – 13 (thirteen) 20-foot containers of the carrier with loading of 20-21 tons in 1 * 20-foot container.

List of required services:
- Providing data on drivers and cars for 1 (one) day before shipment;
- Organization of empty containers delivery on the corresponding rolling stock (PS) to the supplier's warehouse located at the address: Kemerovo, ul. Bee-keeping, 35;
- The PS should be selected so that the load on the axle of the PS does not exceed the permissible;
- Receipt of cargo, control of loading and fastening of cargo in containers, installation of Barrier Shield. If the PS are not compliant and the axle load is exceeded, the PS must be replaced. Costs of reloading and replacement of PS at the expense of the carrier;
- Organization of sealing of containers with filling the number of seals in transport documents;
- The driver must sign in the documents of the supplier;
- Preparation and filling of the consignment note (TN), where the consignor and the consignee is the carrier.
- Organization of a photo report when loading cargo into containers at the supplier's Warehouse;
- Car delivery of cargo in containers to the station of departure;
- Preparation of a sketch of loading for RAILWAY on each container;
- Reception of cargo in containers at the station of departure and registration of documents;
- Sending containers from the station of departure to the destination station NAKHODKA-east (Code 985906), Cargo code ETCIS/GNG 411155 – "products made of ferrous metals of industrial purpose, not named in the alphabet", according to the requisites specified below.

Station, road, Port, Pier, shipping destination: Nakhodka-East, DVJD
Receiving station code: 985906
Supply to the access road: N/P "Oriental Torgmortrans" code 2159, OKCO 04704904 (TIN 2508125349, CAT 250801001)
Recipient: OOO "Oriental" Torgmortrans ", for OOO" TD polymetal "/ZK" Mayskoye "
His mailing address: 692940, Primorsky Krai, Nakhodka, p. Wrangel, Kryneva Street-2
Georeferencing:692940, Primorsky Territory, Nakhodka, Wrangel, Kraineva-2 St.
in KP, be sure to specify:
- The cost of transportation for 1 * 20-foot container, taking into account all the costs of the route: Supplier's warehouse-railway art. Nakhodka-east (including VAT);
- Name, code of the departure station;
- Term of containers delivery to the supplier's warehouse;
- The normative time for loading of vehicles/unloading of the container, the amount of fine for simple/extra-normative use of the container;
- Application deadline;
- Delivery time;
- Payment terms;
- Duration of the KP;
- Other conditions.

On B2B Specify the total cost of transportation for each lot.

Proposals will not be accepted without loaded documentation: Commercial offer.
Contract awarding criteria: Quality, delivery time, cost, payment terms, work experience, additional services.
Venue of bidding:This bidding procedure is held electronically at Participants' proposals are to be submitted as an e-document signed with a digital signature.

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