Request for Proposals No. 1266574 
Delivery of T-shirts with logo application for the needs of the СDEK

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Delivery of T-shirts with logo application for the needs of the СDEK
Composition: 100% Cotton
Circulation: 3600 PCs Men's
900 PCs Women

OKDP2 category:  Услуги по производству спецодежды отдельные, выполняемые субподрядчиком  Услуги по производству спецодежды отдельные, выполняемые субподрядчиком
Quantity:1 шт.
Per unit price:350,00 RUB (including VAT)
Total value:350,00 RUB (including VAT)
Contract award criteria:including VAT (show both prices)
Publication date:
Bid submission deadline:07.06.2019 23:59
Latest editing:31.05.2019 15:50
Additional info
Per-item bid submission:Not applicable. Proposal shall cover the entire lot.
Hide prices and bidders' names during bids submission period:Yes
Upload of bid-related documents required
Bidding initiator will not consider the bids with no documentation attached.
Торги на единичные расценки
Организатором определена начальная цена договора, которая является фиксированной. Торги проходят по снижению единичных расценок.
Payment terms:deferred payment at least 45
Delivery terms:delivery time is not more than 25 days from the moment of signing the contract.
Place of delivery-to any warehouse from the below listed
Georeferencing:- Moscow Region, Dzzerzhinskiy Str. Power Engineers, D 22 to 2
- G Novosibirsk, travel north (Kirov R-N) 3/8
there will be no regrind.
The winner will be determined upon completion of the submission.
The price to submit per unit of production taking into account delivery to the selected warehouse.
The circulation is indicated in the description.
The participants who offered the lowest price per unit will be asked for samples
This request for proposals is not governed by art. 447-449 of the RUSSIAN CIVIL code and is not an offer of the customer.
The customer has the right to refuse all received offers for any reason and not to enter into a contract or terminate the procedure of request for commercial offers at any time, without incurring any liability to suppliers.
Venue of bidding:This bidding procedure is held electronically at Participants' proposals are to be submitted as an e-document signed with a digital signature.

Процедура находится в архиве
Принять участие уже невозможно. Посмотрите актуальные похожие процедуры.
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Status of bidding: archival.
Bidding Organizer completed the procedure on 02.07.2019 at 11:09 has decided company's bid shall be accepted as the best \"PRINT-TsENTR VOSTOK\" OOO (Participant 9) (Сорокин М.А.) of 10.06.2019 10:38 at the price of 350,00 RUB (including VAT)
The participants of trading procedure were notified.

Ground of decision: В ходе проведения торговой процедуры, были запрошены образцы у ООО «Принт-центр восток» и ООО «Концепт Ф».
ИТОГ: Признать победителем ООО «Принт-центр восток» цена + качество + срок изготовления + отсрочка платежа
On-line Rebidding No.1 is held on 11.06.2019 at 10:00
Price / offerCompany / Date Sorted by descending
HiddenPKF "VIKON" OOO (Participant 4) Калганов А.А.
11.06.2019 09:25:18
Hidden\"FRENDS\" OOO (Participant 5) Громова С.П.
10.06.2019 18:06:54
Hidden\"KONTsEPT F\" OOO (Participant 7) Сазонова Е.В.
10.06.2019 13:55:52
The best offer
\"PRINT-TsENTR VOSTOK\" OOO (Participant 9) Сорокин М.А.
10.06.2019 10:38:13
Hidden"Kotton Plius" OOO (Participant 13) Сухоруков А.А.
07.06.2019 21:25:11
Hidden"ChEL'TERS" OOO (Participant 12) Чельтер П.В.
07.06.2019 17:47:03
Hidden"BARO" OOO (Participant 11) Сочнева Е.С.
07.06.2019 17:13:42
HiddenAO "Meridian" (Participant 10) Соколова А.А.
07.06.2019 15:54:24
Hidden"ALGA" OOO (Participant 8) Коваль Н.А.
07.06.2019 14:37:32
Hidden"EKSTRIM LAIN" OOO (Participant 6) Цыганкова М.С.
07.06.2019 12:01:54
Hidden"LBK Marketing Pro" OOO (Participant 3) Смолий И.С.
06.06.2019 16:35:07
Hidden"SignTex" OOO (Participant 2) Пирогов П.П.
05.06.2019 09:52:19
Hidden"Nord-Spetsodezhda" OOO (Participant 1) Сапрыкин Д.В.
04.06.2019 14:23:12
Total bids: 13