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Drilling Pipes

Drilling Pipes
Drilling Pipes

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24.20.12  Трубы обсадные, насосно-компрессорные трубы и бурильные трубы, используемые для бурения нефтяных или газовых скважин, бесшовные стальные  Трубы бурильные для бурения нефтяных и газовых скважин бесшовные стальные  Комплектующие (запасные части) бурильных и проходческих машин, не имеющие самостоятельных группировок
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Bid submission deadline:09.08.2019 12:00
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Payment terms:Upon delivery within 60 calendar days
Delivery terms:DDP/DAP Republic of Kazakhstan Karaganda region, Zhezkazgan city, Krestovsky settlement
Georeferencing:Kazakhstan, Karaganda region, Zhezkazgan, pos. Krestovsky RESKH, base №2
The goods at the time of delivery must be new (not in use), kept in storage not more than half of the shelf life provided for this type of product.
- price for 1 unit of products on the terms of DAP Karaganda (according to INCOTERMS 2010);
- price validity period (not less than 30 days);
— delivery time in calendar days;
- terms of payment (upon delivery), in case of prepayment, obligatory provision of a bank guarantee in the amount of the contract;
— what documents confirm the quality of the goods (quality certificate, passport).
We bring to your attention the following: the results of this price request will determine the best offer rather than the best supplier.$
This price request is a procedure for pre-falification selection of suppliers, with the aim of deciding on further cooperation with them.
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