Announcement of sale No. 856334
НЗС База механизации и транспорта ПСМО АВСМ

НЗС База механизации и транспорта ПСМО АВСМ
НЗС База механизации и транспорта ПСМО АВСМ (Реконструкция базы УМИТ ПСМО АВСМ) (Sale)

Quantity:1 шт.
Per unit price:7 300 000,00 RUB (price including VAT)
Total cost:7 300 000,00 RUB (price including VAT)
Contract award criteria:Price including VAT (show both prices)
Average lot price according to results of procedure:7 300 000,00 RUB (price including VAT)
Publication date:
Bid submission deadline:10.08.2017 12:00
Latest editing:10.07.2017 10:15
Responsible person:Апанасов Сергей Витальевич
Bidding organizer:
Additional info
Per-item proposal submission:Not applicable. Proposal shall cover all items of the lot.
Two-stage bidding procedure
The procedure is held in two stages. At Stage 1 the bidders need to upload the file with the proposal based on requirements specified in the documentation for prequalification of bidders. On the basis of received proposals the organizer makes decision on allowing to the bidders access to the next stage (Stage 2).
Closed submission of proposals:No
Alternative bids
Alternative proposal is the proposal terms and conditions of which differ from the terms and conditions stated in the purchasing documentation.
Documents uploading for the bid is required
The Organizer will not consider the proposals with no documentation attached.
If within the last 15 minutes of the bid submission period, a bid from one of the participants is submitted, then the bid submission deadline in the framework of this procedure will automatically be extended by 15 minutes more, starting upon submission of the last bid.
15 minutes
Payment terms:Согласно условиям договора купли-продажи недвижимого имущества
Location and terms of delivery:Самарская область, г. Тольятти, Промкомзона, севернее ул. Коммунальная. Условия поставки: согласно договора купли-продажи недвижимого имущества
Georeferencing:445024, Samarskaya oblast, Tolyatti, Yuzhnoye shosse, 36
Link to the detailed description of goods (service):
Данное объявление не является публичной офертой. При выборе победителя учитывается предложение, поданное с НДС. Комиссия по непрофильным активам ПАО «АВТОВАЗ» оставляет за собой право признавать наилучшее предложение, либо не признать победителем ни одного из участников.
Venue of bidding:This bidding procedure is held electronically at Participants' proposals are to be submitted as an e-document signed with a digital signature.

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