Lot No. 1 Request for proposals № 1031372
the right to conclude a contract for the supply of equipment for the spectrometric measurements

the right to conclude a contract for the supply of equipment for the spectrometric measurements
supply equipment for the spectrometric measurements

OKDP2 category:  Приборы, установки, системы спектрометрические
Purchasing items:
1. Digital Signal Analyzer Lynx, Canberra, EC NIM standard Block (1 шт), Price: 2 895 005,67 RUB (price excluding VAT: 2 453 394,64 RUB) per unit
2. 572 (ORTEC, AMETEK, United States) (1 шт), Price: 359 096,67 RUB (price excluding VAT: 304 319,21 RUB) per unit
3. Block in standard NIM 556 (ORTEC, AMETEK, United States) NIM standard Block (2 шт), Price: 352 840,00 RUB (price excluding VAT: 299 016,95 RUB) per unit
4. 419 (ORTEC, AMETEK, United States) the MCA 32 (1 шт), Price: 247 750,00 RUB (price excluding VAT: 209 957,63 RUB) per unit
5. Canal complete with "Maestro" in Russian digiDART-32 (ORTEC, AMETEK, United States) (1 шт), Price: 2 087 783,33 RUB (price excluding VAT: 1 769 307,91 RUB) per unit
6. Field parts: belt, car adapter, universal adapter, spare battery digiDART-OPT3 (ORTEC, AMETEK, United States) Special Cable for external (1 шт), Price: 78 090,00 RUB (price excluding VAT: 66 177,97 RUB) per unit
7. detectors without DIM OPT6-digiDART Fanout Cable (ORTEC, AMETEK, United States) (1 шт), Price: 51 040,00 RUB (price excluding VAT: 43 254,24 RUB) per unit
8. Alpha spectrometer integrated Chamber 2. Control with MAESTRO software Alpha-Duo (ORTEC, AMETEK, United States) (1 шт), Price: 1 546 290,00 RUB (price excluding VAT: 1 310 415,25 RUB) per unit
9. Alpha detector area of 600 mm2 BU-024-600-AS ULTRA-AS Ion-Implanted Detector (1 шт), Price: 306 056,67 RUB (price excluding VAT: 259 370,06 RUB) per unit
10. Alpha detector area of 450 mm2 BU-020-450-AS ULTRA-AS Ion-Implanted Detector (1 шт), Price: 225 933,33 RUB (price excluding VAT: 191 468,92 RUB) per unit
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Initial lot price:13 925 499,00 RUB
Publication date:
Bid submission deadline:13.06.2018 08:00
Bid opening date:13.06.2018 08:00
Bid consideration date:18.06.2018
Results announcement date:18.06.2018
Latest editing:31.05.2018 07:52
Responsible person:Куренков Александр Викторович
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Additional info
Belonging with Small and Medium Enterprises:Small and medium
Preferences granting info:Постановление Правительства РФ от 16.09.2016 № 925
Contract conclusion date:29.06.2018
Payment terms:Payment is determined according to a draft Treaty
Delivery terms:FSUE vniitf them. academ. E.I. Zababakhin», «BUT» snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region.
Date and time of bids examination:18.06.2018 23:59
Procurement documents provision procedure:Procurement documents in electronic form are available free of charge at B2B-Center marketplace (www.b2b-center.ru) starting from the date of publication of the procurement procedure.
Bid security
Security amount:Tender security is required in the amount of 69627.50 rubles
Security form:Monetary funds,
Irrevocable bank guarantee
Evaluation criteria:1. The contract price;
2. qualification of the party;
2.1. Experience party procurement procedures.

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10.06.2018 09:56:49
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13 918 915,00 RUB (VAT free)

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