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spare parts and locomotive equipment For locomotives of the series ВL80S, T, ВL10U and 2ES4K

spare parts and locomotive equipment
For locomotives of the series ВL80S, T, ВL10U and 2ES4K

OKDP2 category:  Комплектующие (запасные части) прочих железнодорожных локомотивов, не имеющие самостоятельных группировок
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Per-item proposal submission:Не предусмотрена. Предложение подаётся целиком по лоту
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The procedure is held in two stages. At Stage 1 the bidders need to upload the file with the proposal based on requirements specified in the documentation for prequalification of bidders. On the basis of received proposals the organizer makes decision on allowing to the bidders access to the next stage (Stage 2).
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Delivery terms:delivery is carried out in 3 addresses in accordance with annexes № 3 and № 4.
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