About the Company

B2B-Center is an e-marketplace enabling corporate procurement and sale of a vast range
of goods and services of various industries. Via B2B-Center buyers select the best offers from the suppliers,
who, in turn, find new customers and increase their sales.
completed bidding procedures
amounting to
 21.1 trillionруб.
companies working in the System
employees in 3 offices:
in Moscow, Bryansk and Minsk
  • №1 in Russia
    in terms of service quality
    in corporate procurement
    RAEX, 2018
  • Ranks among Top-5
    Russian SaaS companies
    CNews Analytics, 2017
  • Is among Top-20
    Russian "dot-com" companies
    Forbes Russia, 2018
What does B2B-Center offer to its clients?

Reduction of purchase prices by up to 18% for goods and by 25%  for works and services, saving on procurement-related transaction costs up to 50-70%

Increase of contractor interaction efficiency

Item Master Data – management of companies' directories of purchased items

Management of procurement activities of subsidiaries and affiliates

About 7000 new biddings every day

Extension of customers portfolio and expansion into new markets
(other regions of Russia, foreign markets)

Study of demand for the products offered by a supplier, monitoring of competitors'activities

Access to financial tools on-line
(factoring, bank guarantee, leasing, etc.)

Support in daily work
(legal aid, comprehensive
support in bidding process)

How does the System work?
  • B2B-Center brings together reliable customers and qualified suppliers
  • Customers announce a procurement bidding, and participants of the System receive automatically an invitation to participate in industry-specific bidding
  • Suppliers can find bidding procedures they are interested in and submit a bid, or make an announcement of sale of their goods/services
  • A company can act at B2B-Center e-marketplace both as a supplier and as a buyer
Our partners are
both small and medium enterprises and major companies:
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Our Team
  • Alexander Boyko
    Alexander Boyko
    Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Andrey Boyko
    Andrey Boyko
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Denis Patrunin
    Denis Patrunin
  • Vadim Potrashkov
    Vadim Potrashkov
    Business Development Director
  • Andrey Mazurin
    Andrey Mazurin
    Chief Sales Officer
  • Sergey Volkov
    Sergey Volkov
    Financial Director
  • Artem Lomakin
    Artem Lomakin
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Dmitriy Rodin
    Dmitriy Rodin
    HR Director
  • Vladimir Serpichenko
    Vladimir Serpichenko
    Deputy CEO for Economic issues
  • Yekaterina Ilvovskaya
    Yekaterina Ilvovskaya
    Deputy CEO for Marketing
Employees' experience of working at B2B-Center
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