Participation in a Price Monitoring of Rosatom

I. Search and view of bidding announcement. Familiarization with the documentation. Refusal from holding

1. To display bidding procedures of nuclear sector, please, use the search filter in E-marketplace section by ticking Nuclear sector procurement field.
2. Viewing of bidding announcement is available for all visitors or members of the System, but to participate in a procedure the following requirements should be observed:

  • registration in the System is completed;
  • participant has obtained an Electronic Signature suitable for participation in nuclear sector procurement (mandatory requirement for Russia-incorporated participants).

Please, note! Participation in any price monitoring survey procedure is free of charge.

3. Bidding procedure does not contain any lots. All the information shall be provided in the announcement containing the key details on the procedure arrangements.
4. Bidding announcement contains the following information:

  • form and method of procurement procedure;
  • information on the scope of the bidding procedure;
  • products category under OKPD2 (Russian Classifier of Products by Economic Activities);
  • list of purchasing items within the bidding procedure;
  • publication date;
  • bid submission deadline date;
  • last editing date;
  • information on the bidding organizer;
  • link to the procurement documents;
  • payment terms;
  • bidding procedure venue;
  • documentation provision procedure.
Please, note! All the stages of the bidding shall be held in the System by Moscow time.

5. The documentation attached by the bidding organizer is available for viewing and downloading to all the System users, including those not-registered and not logged-in.

6. To download documentation attached by the bidding organizer, please, click
Download documentation
button on the announcement page. The System will open access to the links to download files.
Please, note! Submission of a request for clarification of the documentation is not provided for in respect to price monitoring procedure.

7. Bidding organizer may refuse to hold the bidding procedure at any time before bids submission deadline.
8. Bidding organizer may send a personal invitation to any number of the System members. At the time of procedure publication all the invited participants automatically receive a message via their Personal Workspace, into Incoming messages section.

II. Bids submission. Request for additional documents. Bids examination

1. Irrespective of the availability of a personal invitation, any System participant accredited for nuclear sector procurement procedures can participate the in the bidding. To do so,
Submit a bid >>
button should be clicked on the announcement page.

2. When submitting a bid to participate in a price monitoring survey Cost Summary and Payment Schedule forms may be required to be completed (if so instructed by the bidding organizer). An additional information may be uploaded by a participant as free-form files. Bid submission form consists of the following blocks:

  • Bid forms;
  • Other bid constituting documents.

Please, note! Completion of electronic forms when submitting a bid is not mandatory. But if a participant completes a Cost Summary, the other forms become mandatory.
Please, note! If the bidding organizer instructs to complete Payment Schedule form, it can be done only once the Cost Summary is duly completed.
Please, note! A participant is not required to submit a bid for each item within a procedure.

3. Completion of Cost Summary/Specification form:

а. In this form a participant shall state the price of his bid broken down by purchasing items, and a participant is not required to submit a bid for all the items specified by the organizer.
b. Bid price in general case is calculated depending on the values of per unit price fields and additional costs fields constituting the total offer price as established by the organizer.
c. Unless otherwise specified in the documentation attached by the organizer, per unit prices with per-item breakdown and additional costs, including relevant works and services (delivery, supervised installation, other costs, etc.) should be specified in the form. Per unit price shall be stated in all editable price fields.
d. Based on the stated per unit prices a total bid price will be calculated according to the following algorithm:

Per unit price excl. VAT = Total of all price fields of the table;
Per unit price incl. VAT = Per unit price excl. VAT + (Per unit price excl. VAT * VAT rate / 100);
Item cost excl. VAT = Per unit price excl. VAT * Total units;
Item cost incl. VAT = Item cost excl. VAT + (Item cost excl. VAT * VAT rate / 100).

Participant’s bid price shall be calculated as a total of values in Item cost incl. VAT column.
e. In case an equivalent of an item requested in the form is offered, a participant may replace a current item. To do so, click Add an equivalent link and enter the suggested product in the line that appears.

4. Completion of Payment schedule form:

а. The Payment schedule contains the planned dates of payment for the supplied products / performed works /provided services under the contract with the payable sums in the bid procedure currency specified.
b. Payment schedule items are inserted automatically from Cost Summary /Specification form. In case an item requested by the organizer was replaced with an equivalent, payment schedule form will display only the one suggested by the participant.
c. . To complete the schedule, please, click the button with pencil icon and specify the date, amount of advance payment, as well as the date and amount of other payments in the respective fields.
d. If there are several payment stages additional lines should be added into the form. To do this, click Add a payment stage button.
e. The total of all values specified in each line should be equal to the item prices specified in the Cost Summary/Specification.
f. In case any documents are to be attached to the bid, a participant may attach those as part of a form completed or via Other documents form. Filename extension of the files to be uploaded to the System is determined by the uniform industry-specific procurement system of Rosatom (EOS-Zakupki). Maximum acceptable file size is 10Mb, and 100 files per each form can be uploaded at most.
5. Once the required forms are duly completed, a participant shall submit the bid by clicking
Sign and submit
button and by signing a bid submission document with E-signature. Non-Russia incorporated participants can save and submit a bid without signing it in case they do not have an E-signature. If such participant has an E-signature registered in the System, signing of the bid with E-signature is required.
Please, note! Once the bid is submitted to the organizer, it can not be edited or withdrawn anymore.

6. Once a participant has submitted a bid, bidding organizer can view it in the System on the announcement page.
7. Upon receiving the bids, the organizer may send a request for provision of additional documents to a participant in order to clarify bid provisions. When a request for additional documents takes place, a participant of price monitoring survey shall receive, depending on the settings of Subscriptions and mailing section of the Personal Workspace, a notification in Incoming messages section of the Personal Workspace and / or to the e-mail.
8. Request for additional documents shall be published in the bidding procedure, in tab>Request for additional documents</tab> tab.

9. To provide the documents upon a request for additional documents select the files via Attach files link and click
Sign and confirm
button. The System will display the text of the document to be signed (for non Russia-incorporated participants using of E-signature is not mandatory if there is no E-signature available, but is required if an E-signature is available).

10. Sign the document with E-signature. The System will save the selected documents and the status of the request for additional documents will change to Submitted.
11. The documents submitted upon a request for additional documents can be edited by the participant until the request termination date. To edit the documents, use Edit link in Actions column.

12. If the bidding organizer allows modification of the main bid when sending a request for additional documents, a participant can also edit the forms and documents of the main bid during the term of the request for additional documents. To edit the bid, use
Edit the bid >>
button on the announcement page.

13. Bidding procedure organizer can see that the participant has submitted the documents immediately. The organizer gets access to viewing the documents upon termination of the request for additional documents.

III. Completion of price monitoring survey procedure

1. The participants who have not submitted their bids before bids submission deadline, can do it after that date but not later than the procedure is completed. The bids submitted before bids submission deadline shall be necessarily considered by the bidding organizer. The bids submitted after bids submission deadline may either be considered or not be considered at the organizer’s discretion.
2. Once the bids are examined, the organizer closes the price monitoring survey procedure. Since that moment the procedure shall be deemed completed, and no further actions, including bids submission and working with requests for additional documents, can be performed.

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